Friday, January 16, 2009

Night Out


I've got this deep sense of satisfaction watching old and new local bands alike play good music while you sit back and relax with a good company. Me and Memo went to 19 East to do just that.But there have been sweating palms and angry moms before all of these were made possible.

Getting to her house was a real adventure. It was half-past nine and I was in the middle of somewhere I'm not familiar with and that evening was particularly cold.Fortunately, I made it in one piece, met her mom (scary) who took us to 19 East, and rocked out the rest of the feel-good evening.
It was kind of disappointing though, that Taken By Cars couldn't make it in such a short notice. However, Out of Body Special was there, also Salamin, and of course West Grand Boulevard--therefore, there were bunch of hot-looking boys in the house that night. LOL. Particularly the volcalist of Salamin. Not only was he a good singer, screaming and singing high notes every now and then; turning his face red, he also got such curly hair and nice hands. xD Enouuugh of that, haha.

After 2, we decided to head home anticipating another round of sermon form Meme's mom. It didn't go pretty well, though. Goodluck with that kiddo. Haha! We were supposed to study for an exam the next day, but sleep got the best of us. And in our cute pajamas, and our sleepy voices trying to sing along Hale and Copeland, we closed our eyes and went to La la land. xD

I want to start taking good pictures again. :o I feel the need to come up with something beautiful at the moment.

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