Friday, February 27, 2009

Happiness is a choice

If you've been down lately, its best not to prolong the state. If you can't seem to find something to be happy about, you've got to make one. For when you laugh, every body laughs along; when you cry, you cry alone.

This evening, me and a couple of friends: Hanna and Ruth, were walking alongside the field on our way home. "Na-experience niyo na bang umupo sa gitna ng field?" asked Ruth. We answered no. And I said, "Tara, ngayon na." not expecting that they would ride to the invitation. They echoed acceptance and we all giggled, excited and as we trailed grassy parts of the field with our mobile phones and found out spot, we dropped everything including ourselves, our weary hearts in our white uniforms. Haha!

It felt good just laughing ourselves senseless, one with earth, heads to heads. Though it was not long when the guard started blowing high-pitched whistles that signaled our farewell, and though there were just few stars on that side of the planet, it was fun. The kind my heart and mind needed. Thank you, girls. ♥

Happiness is a choice.

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