Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skyway Avenue

Lots have happened this month. Some bad, some good. I received my first failing grade this school year last week. On the brighter side of life, Eka had a successful delivery of baby Sophia Elise on Valentine's Day.

That's what's nice about life, you see. One bad thing is often than not followed by a good one. Like the morning I got frustrated with that failed grade and series of more self-disappointments, it completely vanished when I got to be with my friends later that night. We sang songs and even got to write one.

And today, oh man. What a series of yet another unfortunate events for me this morning: I woke up late, there was no food for breakfast, I studied concepts in Chemistry that wasn't included on the quiz, got stuck in traffic, came to class very late and took the quiz with a very malfunctioning mind.

But I'm thankful that our professor still let me take it. I'm just not very excited about the results though. Haha!

So anyway, here comes the highlight of the day. What happened at the post office and the events that followed it is definitely something to blog about. :) It started with Memo and I standing beside this makeshift tindahan at Lawton and were just about to part ways when out of nowhere, Kayle and PJ appeared! They had to get something at the post office from Kayle's lover.

Walking on our way there, we stopped by at the big (and by the looks of it, filthy) fountain that stood at the center of the plaza. We wished and threw coins at it's core, knowing at the back of our minds that it wouldn't come true anyways. Haha!

So when we got inside the post office, except from PJ who had been there twice already, the rest of us were like kids in an unknown place, dazzled and amazed. Like any first timers would. Haha! I see that pink building every God given day since college started, but I only got to be in it earlier.

It was so hot that time! Steamy and humid that we were sweating nonstop. We took pictures and videos I'd rather not share with anybody. Haha! And when we got hold of the parcel for Kyle, we all got mushy and cheesy with what's inside it that someone popped out the idea of going to Luneta Park!

Again, except from Paola who ironically came from Pangasinan but had already been to the park a few times before, the rest of us were first timers!

So we went, Kayle had his moment with his parcel while us girls made fun of it. LOL. Joke lang! It was sweet nga eh. Hearts, chocolates, and love notes all the way from the other side of the world..

Then we did a video; first a video testimonial then a hilarious cover of We The Kings' "Skyway Avenue" with the statue of Lapu Lapu's firm butt on the background. Super fun!!!

Social facilitation overload. If I wasn't with those who I was with, I wouldn't have done that video at all! Especially with all those people around. Haha!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Chinese Garden and finally, went home, sweet home.

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