Monday, March 30, 2009

Define Good Times

The past three days had been a blast. Pure fun and laughter. Last Friday was the celebration of Hanna's debut at Pampanga. We did nothing but took pictures, sang songs, ate and ate and spend quality time together.

Day 1
We got to the place a couple of hours late because we got stuck in traffic. When we finally arrived, we practiced the cotillion, sweat off calories and burnt some fats. LOL!

Then we headed to Mimosa and ate lunch at the villa. The place was so nice, so calming and it was a great place to play volleyball. So we played! :) It's been a long time since I've played and it was nice to run around like a kid again. We practiced the song for the surprise performance for Hanna later that night. It turned out to be not so surprising in the end, but it's all good.

As the night approached, we all got dressed and ready for the big event. The entire party was spectacular. Though there were few people who failed to attend, it was successful and Ruth did an amazing job with all the planning. And running around doing the Emcee-ing and etc. Haha! Hanna was so pretty. She's like a real living princess, changing gowns three times!

Later that night when the royal ball (hehe) was over, we all went back to the villa. Paul, Glad, Kimi, Mark and Kayle had to return to Manila in just a few hours to usher at the graduation. The rest of us enjoyed our time while the night was still young; took more pictures, had moments walking around Mimosa, and watched the time fly.

It was not long when one by one, each of us had to rest our eyes and eventually fall into deep and much-needed slumber. Even I (who vowed not to sleep) couldn't resist.
Day 2
We watched cartoons all morning, rolling on bed and on each other. We had McDonald's for breakfast and just before the clock strike 12, we packed up went to Fontana for a swim.

It was my first time to try the Giant Slide and man, was it fun! Screamed like a mad man when I got into the covered slide. Haha!

When we got back to the villa, Hanna and I showered together. Haha! Marco, Glad and Kimi arrived while we were swimming and we found them flat on the the bed--sleeping like a rock.

Later that night, Pauline, Jem, Glad and Rej had to go home because of family matters. Sucks when parents had to cut off the fun. Especially when the fun was just about to start. Haha! When Marco, Nina, Kimi and Nokie arrived from driving the girls to the bus station, they had with them chips and booze.

We drank and laughed and smoked and laughed some more. When the liquor was drained off the pitcher, I was knocked down. Can't help but doze off on the couch and wake up in the middle of the night to put my pajamas on 'cause it was friggin cold! Woke up the next day to curl up beside Hanna and share the warmth of her blanket.

Day 3
We had breakfast in bed while watching cartoons and deadly creatures on Nat Geo all morning. I didn't want to go home, honestly. I was glued to the mattress and everyone seemed too lazy to let go of the bed as well. But around 12 or so, we all had to go home.

I said I was going to sum up three-days worth of blogging in an one-liner update. But even this entry isn't enough to give justice to the bonding we all shared. Lols! Happy. Ü

May we all have great summer memories this vacation. (Clearance day here we come! T_T)

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