Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Girl Who Hates Rain and Doesn’t Bring Umbrella

I spent another sleep-deprived night with Chemistry. Dozed off beside my notes in between studying, walked around the house while memorizing (someone told me it works, made me wonder if there is indeed a significant relationship between walking and memory recall. Lol), and Mitch ordered Mcdo in the wee hours of the morning to accompany me; big sister watching anime and me beating my brain cells to death.

And I started this day singing in the bathroom and then wet-wiping my skirt. I haven’t even stepped a foot outside my village, and my back already donned splotches of mud; vaguely resembling that of a Dalmatian. Talk about sweet mornings. Clearly, white uniforms and rainy weather don’t mix. I don’t get why it had to rain today.

Thank goodness Chemistry has reached its end. All of us have been forced to love it, and that kind of love is proven to be the worst kind. And in a few days, sophomore year will soon be over as well. Is this a good or a bad thing? o.o I need some cash. Good news! Mother has agreed on me going to Hanna’s debut and I won’t even have to white lie about it. Hehe!

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