Sunday, March 08, 2009

And We Went Round and Round in Circles.

March 7, 2009 11:26 PM

I’ve got few things to say about time. It has been going terribly fast for me lately. The way I see it, you study until you fall asleep. And when you’re done sleeping, you go to school and study again. I think I need something else aside from studying and sleeping. But then again, since I don’t have time for those two as it is, what more other things. He he.

My friends and I went to Hanna’s house to practice the cotillion. We did some gown fitting before anything else. The sun was scorching hot—times have clearly changed. Gone are the days when it wasn’t as deadly as that. There are some serious issues between the ozone layer and the layers of sun block you should put on nowadays.

Let me just say that I really had fun. I knew that by coming all the way to Pampanga to dance is something worth travelling. And it was indeed. I also realized that the world is just awesome. It has people walking at an arm’s length that are way too awesome. Of course, there are those who are good-for-nothing and just plain pain-in-the-ass. But that’s another side of the coin.

Today, I got to know some of those awesome people I am talking about better in a span of almost 24 hours. And I’m looking forward to the couple more years I am going to spend having them around. Love you all.

And tonight, I feel negative energies from the screen of my mobile phone through the tip of my fingers. It’s those nights when you want to say ‘everything is going to be okay’, but rather not because it’ll be just another line fallen on deaf ears.

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