Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop making plans. Start making sense.

After we have settled in at the mini hotel at Terra Rika resort, sister and I strolled down the shore as we waited for the rest of the family to have lunch. We ate at Emohrou, a beach restobar just a few steps away from our room. They have an excellent view of the beach and its beautiful people, plus they have amazing food.

Then the three of us, my brother, sister and me embarked on our journey that will take us to the famous windmills and waterfalls of Pagudpud. With no car or any other vehichle, a tricycle took us there and I say it's the best way to experience the place.

When the open road broke before us, we were going so fast that the wind the motorcycle were the only sound you can hear. From there you can have the best view of the greenlands, locals waving at you, sheep, cows, and mountains so high the clouds were touching it.

When we reached Bangui Windmills and saw the white 'giant electric fans' for the first time, my eyes grew wider than it has ever been. And running downhill through the sand, we were overwhelmed by the vastness of the place and that everything was blue. Man, I could just stand there, let the waves catch me, its white foam and coldness touch my bare feet. The wind could tousle my hair for all I care; I shouted my heart out and released all the stress away.

There is just so much beautiful things to say about the experience. Things I'd love to experience now again.

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