Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You've only got yourself to blame for playing that game.

( March 2008 fashion: love song)
God, we look good together. I have actually said that to myself more than a couple of times. Not knowing then that not all that look good together always end up together. I remember the days yet I have lost the feeling.

You were everywhere to me once. In my thoughts, in my dreams, to every beep that my phone makes for a new message alert.

And only when it happens to you will you realize that how phony that might sound like, it happens. You were all I ever thought about.

Images of you and I flash in my memory now and then. However, retelling them now is sadly like reciting a mathematical formula in my head. I may or may not forget it after the bells rings, but it would never evoke anything—not like it once had before.

And I wonder why. Have time cast all its meaning into the darkest of holes. Or was it because I've never loved you at all.

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