Thursday, May 21, 2009

Patience and pain can bear beauty.

Obviously, I have been spending time with my pens and drawing pads lately; anything to break the monotony of the past few days. It's been pretty hot and dull, and every time it does I stop functioning normally. I'll end up throwing myself on the sofa and flicker through the channels over and over and over again. And the third week of that same routine, I went crazy. I could'nt bear the radiation coming from the telly, so I went OC with my iPod, updated songs and spent one entire night looking for album covers and for the last three days I've been drawing—on the garden, with the radio or my iPod on, until it gets dark and I have to go back inside.

Apart from an aching right hand, when I finish a piece, it seemed like three hours went by in a flash. I like it.


  1. Nice drawings jec =D Grabe! Super nag-improve ka, swear!

    Would you like me to make layouts out of your drawings? That'd be so awesome!

    And then maybe I can sell your layouts. Syempre, 50/50 tayo. Para naman may pera ka na, haha!

    P.S. I'm serious about the money thing :P If you're up to it ;)

  2. I'd love that! :D Sounds exciting!

    Magpapasukan na kaya di na ako poor. xD

  3. Tsk. Nasan na ba ang mahiwagang Tagboard. -_-

  4. Comment box is the new tagboard. Hehe!

    Di kasi bagay tagboard dito, gusto ko malinis siya tiganan. :]