Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Despair is the parent of rebellion.

In continuation to the events within the last 48 hours prior to the night of drinks with my girls, I received a text message from my mom. I told her I was going to sleep over at Paige's that night in case it'll be late and going home would be a bit dangerous. She replied, in a manner I knew too well, that its okay - that's what I'm good at anyway; just as long as I don't break her trust. Loving mum, eh? It's the first time she ever mentioned something like that to me. And it made me think if indeed I have gone too far for her to say that.

But since mother have been quite the "No-er" (she says No a lot, and she should know better than that) I can't help but tell white lies just so I can proceed with my escapades, all of which I break loose from quite virtuously, thankyouverymuch. I do not break rules, only curfews.

And all these talk about freedom and April wanting as so much as getting her own place and fantasizing on how we all could spend time there as long as we want and she would cook for us, makes me want just as much... That's one dream that is far from reality. At least for now.

Until then, for as long as I'm under my parent's roof, it's tyranny. Funny thing is, I woke up this morning to answer the phone no one bothered picking and it was Dennis' father on the other line asking where his son might be. I peeked in my brother's room and saw them and replied something like well yes, he's here sleeping. I thought to myself, its a good thing my parents don't go calling my friends' house asking how I am the morning after. And mind you my brother is already 25 and Dennis is older than him and he's already a doctor for chrissakes.


  1. "Despair is the parent of rebellion" Though not so much for you(and me?). You don't need despair just to go rebellious. Ha ha! :)) We were born that way. :p

  2. I like that. Hehe! Ikaw talaga ah. >:D

  3. Hahahaha, his parents are like that talaga? Grabe. Good thing mine aren't. Or else :)) :)) :))

  4. well, you know parents... they're, well, parents! hahaha if you get what i mean...

    A very nice way to break curfews, run wild, and go berserk is to go clubbing. I tried it and I'm a living testimonial of breaking curfews - and my shoes. If you haven't tried it, well, you should try it... before summer ends.. lol

    Loved the comment widget. Glad its back - thanks to me. hahaha We should do something about my lack of self-confidence! >.<

  5. To Iella: I know! Sobra yung dad niya. Buti sa atin di ganun. Or else what? Hmm. Hehe.

    To Paige: Well, whaddayaknow...birds of the same feathers, break curfews together. Lol.

    Thank you heaps for the comment! I love you for it! :) And what lack of confidence are you talking about???