Saturday, May 09, 2009

I suck like a sponge.

Even though it was a fleeting moment. It shits me for a second there. Or two (or more than that).

I've had couple of jars heaping of emotions I've emptied before—down to its tiniest drip, to its minuscule substance—that the last of whatever it was once has already been evaporated. This isn't like the first time. It's just, the rain continues to beat against time and when it stops, there'll be bits of you tracing lines down the windowpane, slowly making your way in my little clear jar one drop after another.

And I wonder if it's going to get filled up again.

I could have moved forward if I have some place else to go. I've done quite enough of running in circles the ground is starting to spin all around me, underneath me, and inside me. And just when I thought standing still would do me some clarity, I realize that the world doesn't stop for anybody.

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  1. uh-oh! Girl!!! I'm just one text away. Wala ako load ngayon, pero pagnag-text ka, tatakbo ako agad sa tindahan.xD