Friday, May 29, 2009

If I'm gone, I want you to wonder.

Since expectation is a heavy word I don't like using, and for the lack of anything better to use, let's just say what I NEED this coming semester is to learn. More. Not that everything that had been taught to me for the past twelve months before summer began had gone to waste, its just, I pray that there'll be better teachers, deeper lectures, and more genuine wisdom. Those that I'll store on the back of my head or probably write about in the future saying something like, 'back then in college, I learned that....'

To begin with, we'll be having Abnormal Psychology this semester. That should be fun. Oh my, I am wanting, desperate, hungry, about to explode with this feeling to be more than what I am lately. I feel little, and that's not because I didn't get enough growth spurt.

I've never been
this excited to go back to school. I hope no one gets disappointed though. And yes, motivation, I need you so come around soon.


  1. Jessee. the thing we lack the most...motivation! :)
    Not to mention, "I've never been THIS excited to go back to school" and "I hope no one gets disappointed".(period) There's really no better way of putting it. haha!
    btw, you don't need to 'want' me to wonder, because I will. Even if you haven't said it. :))

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone with this feeling, misery loves company! Haha!

    P.S. LOL! Banat ka ah. >:D