Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 29

With each descending night
and the awakening of daylight
signals my defeat
And past the risen sun
my mind shuts in a
dreamless sleep.

Until then,
dark succumbed to midnight
as the television flickered
the same channels
on random repeat
And I watched as the images
entertained itself;
sleep approaching
at its slowest speed.

And there is no sense out of this at all.
Since none of it was anything all along.
This cycle of dreaming
and waking
Starts to feel like it didn't
And all that happened
in between seemed like
a silent blur.


  1. summer sorrow po b.?? ahe.. ounga eh., unbelievably speaking, i do have one.. aha..

  2. Oo sobra. I guess ganito talaga kapag unproductive ang summer. Or kung walang summer fling. HAHA! :D