Sunday, May 17, 2009

Order in Chaos

Watching National Geographic's Journey to the Edge of the Universe gave me the creeps none of the horror movies I've seen so far ever did. The mix of the mystery, the unknown, and the infinite possibilities greater than any man could ever imagine made my hair stand on its ends. And to think that all of these are real, that all of it are science and are based on facts—made it all the more frightening.

"Our solar system is so huge, its alarming how little we know about it." It scares me to think more of the vastness of the universe; it's beyond comprehension! Do you ever wonder if there is life for us out there, is it even possible, or perhaps there already is? We can't possibly be the lone living creatures evolving on the entire space.

Frightening as it can be, it's pretty exhilarating too, don't you think. Makes some of our problems or anything we have or will ever experience so small compared to the wonders and dangers only the universe could tell.

If I have indeed the fear of the unexplainable, what do you call it?


  1. it's called xenophobia.

    oh goody. i have something to put in X-. thanks! haha

  2. I learned something new. :) Thanks!

    I don't quite get what you mean there though. Enlighten me?

  3. LOL.

    Check out his A-Z blog post... You'll get what he meant right away. :))

  4. you have to check my may 16 blogpost. haha.