Sunday, May 03, 2009

So What Now

It started out with what supposed to be just another movie date with April and Kim. It's been a quite some time now since the three of us got together, just like before. When I got home that afternoon and checked my phone which I left intentionally, there were six new messages all from one person—him.

It's nice to think that he's making the effort for us to hang out given that both April and I aren't much of the planning type and go with whatever comes up instead. As spontaneous as the invitation to see X-Men, we said yes though there is still clearly unfinished business between the two of them. That of which pride and insensitivity are involved.

As soon as I called April and said I'll head over at her place first before calling Kim and meet up with him, I took a bath and all the while the phone kept ringing. No one else was at home then, save for myself and my sleeping brother. Not before long the ringing stopped and soon I got out from the shower.

A new message from Kim read, "Why isn't there anyone answering the phone, you haven't even returned my call yet. What the fu--?" Another one came after that. This time it says he doesn't want to go out anymore. Pissed off like I knew he would, I still got dressed and decided to go over at April's, it's about damn time I did anyways. I haven't been in touch with them for what seemed like ages.

Just in luck, Paige just got back in Manila from a leadership seminar. She gave April a ring and before we know it, we were at Lady P's residence waiting for her Majesty to get ready for a night of booze and girls on the loose.

A live band singing a Neyo rendition could be heard a block away from the walks of Festival Mall. The music grew louder and louder as we approached the opening of the many restobars that aligned themselves under the cloudless sky that night. A half moon hangs itself on the still darkness above us.

We finally settled in at Payago's which serves Sisig worthy of two thumbs up. The place was cozy; it had the least noise and there were few people inside. Just right for a late dinner, some drinks, and conversations. After a couple of Infinits, half-told stories exchanged, and a whole lot of bloopers laughed at, we took off to check out the rest of the place. But if turned out to be either a. Too noisy, b. Too crowded, or c. Too suffocating.

So we left, went to Gonuts Donuts, stopped by at Hen Lin's, debated about the differences between the Special Siopao and the HK style siopao in front of the cashier guy for what seemed like ten minutes and man, we were half-crazed laughing at god knows what. If I were on my state of mind right now and saw the three of us right then at that time, I could've sworn we were stoned or something. I couldn't remember for the life of me what we were laughing about back there! Crazy times...

The girls decided to buy Smirnoffs or whatsoever is available at the nearest 7/11 on our way home but I guess we didn't need alcohol running on our bloodstreams to make things more interesting than it already was. See mom, I've been a good girl and we were tucked in bed by 3 am. :) Paige delved in to her unconscious the moment she hit the bed while April and I talked.

It was around five in the morning when my brain could no longer make more than two words in reply to what April was saying. We slept and few hours later woke up with Paige's mum calling us to eat brunch and saying Pacquiao lost and how could we still in bed while the entire country is already crying. Haha. It was past 11 and the match hasn't even started yet. But that made us get up on our feet. :D

I couldn't get myself to go home just yet. Paige's bed has some kind of force that sucks us in, making us all just roll on it, while clockwatching. Around 3, we knew we had to go. Kim texted the movie plan again. April and I went over to see him, well I did since she could face the boy as it turned out, and said we couldn't go.

So now, I don't know. I can forsee this thing running in circles. Or maybe worse; this is going to be what it is from now on. I don't know what to make out of it or how did it get at this point since its really just up to the two of them. It could be that one would step down from his pride or the another would let time heal all wounds (or none at all), and that's just bull crap.


  1. I'm not even gonna comment about "THE" thing. You know I have more than a couple of words to say. =P

    Anyway, that girls' night out sounded like fun. Too bad I couldn't go. Boohoo :( Invite me again next time coz Sophie's mostly asleep sa gabi. I'll ask Marc to be the bantay. Bwahahahaha! ^^

    Miss you girls so much!
    Hugs and kisses!

  2. Oh I bet you do! Hay nako... The night could have been more fun if you were there. If all else fail, if you can't go to the fun, we'll have fun come to you. LoL.

  3. I just talked to Dogz over the phone.
    She heard more than she wanted to hear but I actually ended up helping her. Heaven sent daw ako, haha! (Well, atleast that's how I interpreted it) xD

  4. Ay sana narinig ko usapan niyo. Hehe! Magsulat ka na oi! :D