Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I kind of knew from the time I got up this morning, that I wasn't going to make it. It rained all day again—pair it with the fact that I didn't sleep well last night and that I got stuck in traffic on the way to school, all of it contributed well on orchestrating my late arrival. Way to go Me! What a fresh start. Hehe. But I can't stop smiling the moment I saw P5 again. I lighted up in an instant. All of them got the best out of the summer break looking all rad and dandy, stress-free too. Well, we'll get back to that once the classes really start.


  1. "Well, we'll get back to that once the classes really start."

    haha. by the end of the month you'll probably forget what great summer you've had.

    ay nga pala. check your mail. haha

  2. Hey heart breaker! lol. I actually sang the song. haha! Well, you just think it's P5 that made you smile, but really, it's me. Harhar! Junior na tayo! weee! fun! :))

  3. Towi: Haha! You can say that again. We will be sleeping late not because we want to but because we HAVE to. XD

    Which email add?

    Hanna: What heart breaker are you talking about! And please, you are going overboard again. XD

  4. yung email mo na gamit mo din sa YM :D

  5. Oh no. I don't use that! XD Use jessicabarnido@yahoo.com na lang. Hehe!