Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rain, rain, rain on my mind; I've got a secret life.

Maybe the reason why I hate rain so much is because it comes with bad experiences. Always. Not the romantic type where a guy and a girl happily make their way in the rain under that one jacket. I went to Baclaran church today with father and mother. And the downpour didn't stop the people from coming too, thousands of them by the looks of it. Imagine heavy rain, umbrellas colliding, people shouting....uh, complete chaos.

But a good-looking priest told a good story about a house with thousand mirrors. One day a dog came in and was amazed at what he saw; before his eyes were thousand of other dogs smiling, barking and wagging tails back at him. Never had he been to a place as awesome as this. He said to himself, no where else is happier a house than here! Another dog found its way into the same house the next day. Unlike the happy dog, he was a sad one. And lo and behold, he saw other sad dogs around him there. It made him feel all the more low, like all of the other dog's burden were on him all put together.

I'm not sure how you'd interpret this, there wasn't even a clear connection between the story and the rest of what the priest said. But thinking about it, the house is the world we live in and the mirrors are the people we meet. The way you see you everything is a reflection of what you are, or who you are. And as we grace this earth in a lifetime so limited, do we choose to see the life beaming or frowning?

Am I even making a point here? XD Watch this na lang!


  1. err.. I get your point, i guess.↲↲I clicked 'this' link but youtube said 'this video is unavailable'

  2. Seryoso? Gumagana sakin! Naka-laptop ka ba? O_O

  3. uh-huh. Nope. I'm using my phone. Maya i'll check using the pc. Then imma update you.

  4. just imagine if you mix aesop's dog/water reflection on greed and that one. haha.

    one day a dog found a juicy piece of steak on the porch of a house filled with mirrors. the dog went in- the dog wanted all the steaks for himself. he dropped his own steak. that'd be a surefire movie hit.

    anyway, nanonood ka ba ng Criminal Minds na series? :D

  5. Towi: I seem to have lost my sense of humor lately, I had to read that thrice to get the picture. :D

    Criminal Minds? Familiar pero di ko nasusubaybayan. I'm watching House Season 5 at the moment. :) Is it good?

  6. haha. akala ko nanonood ka kasi na feature yung quote mo dito sa profile mo >

    "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know."

    akala ko dun mo sya nakuha. i think magugustuhan mo yung series. may quotes sya sa start at end na related dun sa episode. plus tungkol sya sa criminal profiling. i think magugustuhan mo yun. :D

  7. Jessee. I hope you see this soon. :) may balak pumunta dito ngayon, mamaya, june 10, sila meme kasi bday ni ash. well, niyaya ko kayo, through YM kaso baka di ka mag-OL dun. kaya niyayaya kita dito. :) magload ka kahit sulitxt lang para mafigure out ang move natin. lol. di pa naman sila sure dahil di pa talaga pinapayagan si meme. pero so far meme, ruth and rej, may balak pumunta basta may kasama. tapos si jem, pinipilit pa :D

  8. Hannee: Omy goodness. I've been disconnected to the worldiwideweb for the longest time! June 10 na, haha! At ngayon ko lang nabasa to. Haha!

    Towi: Criminal profiling huh, how cool is that! Sige, I shall put Criminal Minds on the list of dvds I should make my sister buy. Hehe!