Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm sleepy now

Right now, I don't know if I'd be able to compose coherent thoughts about this week but I'd like to put it in words before the events fail to get consolidated to the long term memory. Hmm let me see, memory check. Today went pretty (insert blank here). Okay! I missed another 3 psychodiagnostic test, one of which I've been wanting to do: House Tree Person. Why do I always miss the good ones? No, the question should be, why am I always late!? I talked to the professor and she said that I must aim for perfect prelim exam to pull the grades up. What the heck, right.

But that too, shall pass. Lit class was great. Got my mind off things. Lunch with friends made me forget all about it! Hanna, Glad, Raf and I were talking about crop circles and alien life form and things like that while doodling. Nerd alert. I must read Deception Point soon. (Makes mental note of the books she must read.)

Later that day, I rushed home to change outfit and meet friends for dinner. So and so. April who celebrated her 19th birthday was the highlight of the night, she was there alright. But her mind was off to somewhere far. I was tired as well, so blah never mind. Had few drinks afterwards. Tried Blow job and Kamasutra for the first time. Hehe. I discovered that Tequila Rose is the drink for me, though. Got home around 2, tired and feeling that something's missing.

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