Sunday, July 12, 2009

Safety In Numbers

I went to audition for InfoPsy today. If I'm lucky, chances are, I'll get to land on my first org and write in the literary section for the Psychology publication. By then, I might have the guts to try out for the College of Science Journal. Yes, I'm aware I may be reaching too high. But what the heck, it gives me thrills just thinking of seeing my name on a printed page. Hehehe!

So anyway, while I was writing poems at Rm 313, I can't help but hear my friend Marco and this senior member of InfoPsy Mel talking about this group picture of us taken last year. She was amazed at how many we were in the group and said, that with that number, people could mistake us for freshmen students!

That's how college is, she added, that during the first years you go together like there's always a field trip but it lessens as years progress. Not in our case though. We can hardly fit in a frame but I love it. :D Photo taken by Rej last Friday.


  1. LOL! parang freshmen nga kayo sa dami! kahit nung freshmen kami hindi kami ganyan kadami haha.

    mukhang artista si meme sa 2nd pic! haha. bat wala sya sa 1st pic?

  2. At towi, meme's not in the 1st page because she was the one taking it. and i guess, she's feeling pro photog that time. hahaha. kidding! :))

    aryt jeka, we look like freshies in the pic but... can they also consider as kids at heart? <3

    i guess that would fit us more. we laugh endlessly. haha. :D

  3. 1st pic I SHOULD SAY. haha. wth, eto ba ang epekto pag sa lib ka nagnenet? :))

    btw jeka, if you'll try out with the CSj, i'll go with you. and if want to join tomweb, i'll get you a form. :)

    and seeing your name printed in the publication is thrilling i should say. :)

  4. Towi: Oo ang dami namin, ang hirap humanap ng kakainan pag lunch. XD Artistahin na pala si Meme! Hahaha!

    Paola: Kids at heart nga! :D At tara, CSJ tayo! >_< Samahan din kita sa Tomweb.