Saturday, August 29, 2009

Acedia and Tristitia

It sucks when you know exactly what you're looking for but have no idea where to look. It can be equally frustrating when you keep ending up in the wrong place. Going up and down in the library, moving from one section to another, flipping over pages and pages of books from the unending array of bookshelves around you. We basically spent the rest of the day in the library for nothing. I have to give Glad, Ruth and Wil the credits for keeping it cool the whole time. I must say, if it weren't because of them, I wouldn't have stayed sane.

Paige texted me when we were about to call it a day. I headed to Taft and met her plus a new acquaintance by the name of Franz, a tall guy with a messy mop of a hair and nice pair of eyes. Few exchange of pleasantries and pretty soon we were walking to the Providence Tower and went Karaoke-ing. (If there is such a word) And sing we did! I still had the voice of someone who just had a flu and didn't sound myself. But the three of us were happy, singing all the high notes we knew we couldn't reach. And the reaching nearly killed me.

Crappy day totally forgotten for a moment.

Franz is cool guy. If he weren't as confused as other people I know about his identity, things would've been more interesting. It was around 9 that evening when we left the place.

"I'm so tired." I sighed. And meant it on behalf of the other aspects of my life. Paige has just finished talking about love and setting up people for failure when you're making them face standards that can't be met. I leaned my head on the bus seat.

"But of course, we're students." said Paige, ever-so-nonchalantly.

She just finished her thesis, will be graduating sooner than the rest of us, and is leaving for HK to spend helluva time there while I juggle research reports and episodes of melancholia. Lucky bitch. Lol.


  1. Honesty after the event. Can't honesty come during the event na lang? I can't wait for it to end.

  2. Yes, I'm a lucky bitch. And the lucky bitch decided she's back in the blogging world!! Hello bitches!

  3. Hannee: Believe me when I say this, you have more to tell than I do.

    Paige: LOL! Paige, latest entry is FTW! XD