Saturday, August 22, 2009

I got your picture, I'm coming with you.

UST was almost empty last Friday, you could even count the cars that pass by with all your fingers. It was a great time to take photos but it was scorching and according to Raf, motion creates heat, so we were stationed at the Botanical Garden like desert lizards for what seemed like hours.

Then we went to MOA when Ruth arrived. We took a jeepney to Buendia and another one before we finally got there. Wind-swept and wasted from the trip, the air conditioned mall never felt so amazing. We headed directly to the skating rink and yeah, wet myself from falling three times in a row. I was doing it quite well by myself until Raf came along. Hahaha! (The details of the events thereafter, were suddenly repressed)
After an hour we took pictures beside the bay. Hanna and Raf decided to go home after a while, and the rest of us went to see a photo exhibit. And man, was I amazed. We even joked that Paola and I are going to be the ones featured next and Ruth will be the organizer. The thought of it was excitingly impossible though. But who knows. Hehe.

We went back at the bayside and caught the sunset just in time. And it's true you know, that you can never say watching the sky turn to all sorts of colors is romantic until you see it for yourself. The view was breathtaking.
We all went home after the golden sun said its farewell. All is well that ends well.


  1. can we repeat times like these? :)

    i really HAD FUN! :) love you jessee girl! :) <3

  2. Jessee girl! I wish I stayed. Di tuloy ako naging romantic because I didn't see the sky turn into all sorts of colors. Could we do this again next time? Next time, I won't go home early, I promise. ILY! >:D<

    btw, ganda pala ng last pic and yung way ng pagkakalagay mo ng 'jec'.xD

  3. Diba super soaked yung USTe kahapon sa baha? >.<
    Were you there?

  4. si paola yung nasa pangalawang pic, diba? ang ganda ng kuha! haha! :)

  5. Paola: Times like these should happen again and again and again times infinity! :D I had fun with you and Kayle. ;)

    Hannee: Yes, next time, you must see it and we'll go romantic together. Whatever that means. Hahaha!

    Ekaloo: I was in UST pero di umulan while we were there. Mainit pa nga eh! XD

    Rosann: Yup its Paola! So pretty no? :D