Friday, August 07, 2009

It doesn't matter.

I hear a child straining his vocal chords along with a videoke machine from the back of our house. My eyes are strained too, from watching TV. My enthusiasm for words is still at loss. I can't even read the story I wrote without squirming. Oh, must turn to photographs and mental disorders to pull myself together.

ever tried
ever failed
no matter
try again
fail again

fail better

samuel beckett


  1. Jessee girl. try again >:D<

  2. this is also a line from the tv show Criminal Minds.

    nai blog ko nga yata before yung quote na yan. haha!

    nanonood ka na ba ng criminal minds? :D

  3. Hannee: I WILL! :D

    Towi: Really? Parang nabasa ko na nga. :D Di pa ako nanunuod, walang cd eh Hehe!