Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God gives. God takes.

It turned out, because of the bad weather and the aftermath it caused, the whole week is vacation. But I'd rather have it otherwise. No classes for the entire week means: no allowance and school works piled up. And to think final exams are coming in a week! Anyhow, for the past few days I was with Eka and Paige shooting for the DaintyShop.

We've got a plan in our pocket and bucket full of ideas in our minds, I wonder when would it all be materialized.

One Two

And I don't know what to make out of what has transpired over the weekend. I know a great deal about it though: from the media, the internet, even a couple of my friends who've experienced it firsthand. But knowing is not feeling. And for all I know, no matter how I empathize with the lives that were lost, the damaged has been done. What we do about it next is what matters.


  1. ang cute ng shot. ang emo. LOL emo mo talaga. LOL

  2. these are really nice
    imy jecca!

  3. and oh i followed you on Tumblr (will always be mSheng12) took me long before i was able to read my tagboard :)

  4. Paige: LOL! Di naman, pagbigyan mo na ako. xD

    Ate Merie: HELLO! Long time no blogging. :P