Friday, September 18, 2009

Hell Week - Straight Ahead

Also applicable to experimental research report time and for all education-related purposes. Hahahaha!

I just got home from another night spent with Ruth, Paul, Marco and Glad at Burger King Rotonda, the place to be when you're cramming for an experimental paper due the next day. Its crazy hanging out with these guys; Paul and his bloodshot eyes looked like he could doze off anytime soon, Ruth was on the verge of crying and laughing and everything all the same time, while Marco managed to chat and check his Facebook without worrying a thing.

Long weekend ahead of us! Bunch of quizzes awaits, though. Go go go!


  1. wow. matino pa yung breakdown of srudy time mo. I think I would only have 6 colors:
    1. Actually studying
    2. Staring at notes
    3. Study breaks
    4. IMs
    5. Staring at the PC (Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, etc.)
    6. and food FOOD! lol

    and number 5 would have the largest portion. haha! lapit na finals! >.<

  2. haha. staring at the PC. LOL. :)) grabe ang lakas ng hatak ng internet.

  3. Jecs, I made a graph, too! I love yours kasi hehe

  4. Hi Tita Jing! Glad you liked it! I just reblogged it from Tumblr. :D

    Hannee & PJ: OMG, finals week in less than 14 days. xD