Saturday, September 05, 2009

Long entry just cause I'm in the mood for it.

(via Eiki Mori)

Truer words were never spoken until Rebecca Anuñuevo said that Bihirang Maisulat ang Kaligayahan. For its almost always the case, something grand happens, you feel elated and at same time worried it won't last for long, and putting it to words is hard enough as it is when you're busy savoring each second before it flees. I just had to grab the nearest pen and paper to write on the instant I got home from the long Thursday night I just had recently.

Oh by the way, it was the poem we discussed in Philippine Literature that Thursday, alongside with National Artist Edith Tiempo's Bonsai. To liken love to a small tree, she simplified something so abstract and greater than all of us combined, down to its simplest most tangible form.

By afternoon, we juggled time munching over our Styrofoam lunch at Wendy's and studying codes and criteria for the different disorders in Abnormal Psychology. I had a great time reviewing for that test with Memo. It was so funny saying all those terms to her and seeing her almost burst out of information-overload. By the time we were almost half-way the last disorder, she had her arm on the table, hand on her head, looking at me like I've bore the wits out of her. I just realized it’s been a while since I laughed that hard with her. Good times.

When classes ended, Glad and I wasn’t in the mood to go home yet. Paola and Kayle wanted to hang out at BF, it was a nice afternoon, indeed, but Ruth and the others had to go finish the research report they haven’t even started writing. Together with Hanna, Glad and I (we were through with it, thank goodness) decided to go give moral support to the group because we are goodhearted like that. Ha-ha!

We were in the library discussing about perseveration and it took us so long to get our heads around it and until 8 that evening, we were forced to leave because they were already closing it. They decided to go over at Burger’s King at Welcome Rotonda. Glad, Hanna and I tagged along for the fun, and to grab dinner in the process.

Man, radio stations these days nearly killed us. It began raining hard when we got there, Marco didn’t have a hard time looking for a parking space, but there was no free space to plug the laptop in. Most of the people were merely killing time, playing text scramble or whatever, and there we were, sorry-assed college students working on a research report just hours before the deadline, and we couldn’t even use the laptop.

It wasn’t that bad though, because some couple let us have a good use of it pretty soon. And though most of us were tired, and I bet Ruth was hanging on to the last string of her patience to get this thing over with, we had fun all the while. You’ll really get by with a little help of your friends.

It was around 11:20 when Marco dropped me off at Lawton. The ride home was fast and soundless. Every one was either asleep or too tired to talk to anyone. Even the driver wanted no more than to get home.

I arrived exactly 12:25am and when I raised my head to the sky as I got off the tricycle, I saw that the moon was full and bright.

There were no classes the next day. I found that out when I was already there. Great.


  1. OMG! sabi na! I was debating with myself if I should text you or not. We could've gone to TriNoma together.xD

  2. LOL! I was so depressed that day. Grabe, I happen to chance upon Kaye while I was going to Lab 11. Tapos wala pa lang tao so we decided to just go do some library work. MEGA BORING! Depressing weather pa. I went home immediately.

  3. aw. sayang girl! baka gusto mong mag-OL sa YM, kahit invi lang. kasi MEGA HARD mag chat through comments sa blog. lol

  4. LOL. hanna's right. you should have come with them to Trinoma. hahaha. just because.. i called them up for emergency! HAHA. right, hanna?! :))

    anyway, di niyo na kami binalikan ni Kayle sa Big Ben... and damn, i was like desperately waiting for you guys but u didn't show up! :| haha. sana tinext niyo ako. :D

  5. Sorry Paola! Yeah, dapat nga sumama ako. LOL! What happened? Sana magkwento ka. :-)

  6. LOL. what happened saan? :))

    psst, girl, your birthday's coming up! :D