Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mr. Wednesday

Let me tell you about my Wednesday morning. It has not stopped raining the night before, and the days before that, and this Wednesday morning is no different. I got up earlier than usual, studied for a quiz in Psy Diag on the sofa and I couldn't help dozing off in between paragraphs. Around past 10 that morning I dragged my butt off to shower, got dressed after that and left home; everything done in slow motion.

I was hopeful someone would enlighten me with the news that classes have been suspended even before I set off in the heavy rain, but to no avail, there was none. I did get the news though, but not until I passed through the tollgate and was already nearing Coastal Road.

The thing here is, I'm no good with kilometers and how far that is from my house but when you've already reached Coastal Road, it feels like you're already halfway to the destination.

Badtrip talaga when this happens. Parang nagbihis ka at nagbayad to sit in the bus for an hour only to sit again in another one to go back home. Time, money, uniform. Lahat sayang. Wala akong napala.

Well I bought choco butternut and choco honey dipped (?) when I got off at Beundia. And I was craving for 7eleven hotdogs for some reason but there was just this iforgotthename convinience store which serves no hotdogs.

When I took the bus back to Las PiƱas, I got this messages from Marco and Raf saying Jeka walang pasok ah. I was like, Oo na, okay. Don't have to rub it to my face. Haha! Wala din kwenta kasi parang ganun din.

The moral of this story is, sad to say, none. I just went to Manila to get dunkin donuts and POS siopao.


  1. crap. haha. announcements of suspension are always late. :P

  2. haayy. pareho tayo. nasa coastal na rin ako nung nalaman kong wala palang pasok. badtrip! haha! :)

  3. Buti nalang wala akong pasok hahahaha!


    Thanks Towi. ;D