Sunday, September 13, 2009


(right: circa 2007 Jec's and Paige's 17, left: circa 2008 Dogz' and Eka's 18)

I had the best time with my best-est friends today. We cooked, baked, danced, and fooled around. We laughed, we shouted, we were at our honest selves and had long talks about things we couldn't just say to anybody. When you are around the people who probably know you better than you do, who knows how you feel by the slightest bat of an eyelash, you are at your best self. And you could laugh, cry, get mad, get crazy, and you'll still be laughing in the end. Drama ko. Years have passed so quickly. This is the year we all grew old: emotionally, psychologically, and physically (though we dare not admit ;P). Last year of being a teenager, bitches (except for Paige LOL)!

(September 12, 2009)


  1. Bwahaha I love the "this is the year we grew old" thingie ;)

  2. Dami po kasi nangyari this year. :D