Monday, October 05, 2009


  1. I've been looking at film photographs online and feeling kind of floating; seeing its dark hues, soft light and dreamlike texture.
  2. I've been dreaming of my own film camera and thoughts of what I'd capture from it swim graciously in my mind.
  3. I've been thinking about New York and how it was beautifully captured in the movie In My Life.
  4. I haven't forgotten about John Lloyd Cruz's superb acting skills and how I felt when he and Luis Manzano sat there on a bench, fingers intertwined.

In a matter of hours, it'll be morning again. Going back to school!


  1. Kakapanood ko lang ulit ng In My Life; galing talaga ni John Lloyd :) Pero syempre, ang winner si ATE VI! :)

  2. panuorin ko nga rin un

  3. Ang galing ni ate Vi, she was very convinicing dahil nainis talaga ako sa character niya. :D Everyone should watch it. No to piracy ok! :P