Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Short Films

I realized that I write less and less these days and take photos more and more since May (or not, I just thought it sounded better). Is it a bad thing? It might. But that's what's good about photography, it can speak for itself. And how it makes you feel is different every time, lalo na if the picture means a lot to you.

Paola by Kayle

SLR shot a Lomo



I love, love film photography. These pictures send me shivers! (Of the good kind) Ü These are taken by Paola, Kayle, Me, and Meme respectively. Pag rare talaga ang isang bagay mas naappreciate natin. Or ako lang yun. Hehe. School starts tomorrow! Junior year, second semester-here we go!


  1. Funny how simple things become beautiful once it catches your eyes.

    - I know i've said it before, but it just seems appropriate to say it again. :D

  2. "pag rare talaga ang isang bagay mas naappreciate natin." di lang ikaw yun. :D

  3. Towi: Thanks :D But I'm not the only one who took those beautiful photos. It's not even my camera >_< pero I'm very excited to get a SLR of my own.

    Hannee: Yihee. Tell me more about it. :D