Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's the little things. Always.

Inspired by what happened a while ago and what I read a few months back, I want to share this thought:
The happiness of life is made up of little things - a smile, a helping hand, a caring heart, a word of praise, a moment of shared laughter. We are most alive in those moments. Savor them all.
If you're sad, read a book. Or listen to happy music, look at happy pictures and write happy thoughts! My friends Paul and Marco celebrated their birthdays this month. Ang saya saya nung gabi nung sinurprise namin si Marco! With the scrapbook we had so much fun doing, the post-its and notes we stuck on his car and though Paul didn't come to school to see his surprise, the video we made from it was heartwarming, even if its not for me. I love surprises!


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