Saturday, December 05, 2009

Friday Nights

It was once again one of those nights when you're lying on the bed feeling all sorts of emotions that you begin to think of what just happened; all of it seems vague and you tell yourself, tonight was really something.

Friday night

Glad was feeling down and all sentimental when we exchanged text messages last night. Ruth started it! Yes, it's all Ruth's fault. For letting us think of the future and come senior year, we will all be counting down days towards the end. That we would no longer have the luxury to spend the nights sitting on the field, leaning on the person beside you feeling each other's warmth, talking and talking until the lights are out and the school closes.

Yes it was Ruth's idea to make us all think of the good times and make us cry (though we try hard not to show it LOL). Its times like these when you realize things don't last but gives it all the more reason why we should make every second count. Thank you, Ruth.

/end of drama. XD