Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy... Night

Its already been three days since Paskuhan but every time I get to think of that night, I find myself smiling or laughing. I was doing the dishes one time and started giggling all of a sudden and my sister heard it and I said the bubbles were funny but really the images of Paskuhan were playing on my mind.

I could still hear how ridiculously insane our laughter sounded back at Ruthee's bedroom; I could still feel how my heart thudded against my ribcage upon seeing the fireworks; how we sang along with the bands that performed while sitting there on the field, leaning on each other; how Marko recklessly drove through the empty streets at 3 and we didn't care; and even though there were parts not worth mentioning, the good ones outdid it.

Overall, it was a well spent night considering the fact that there was no definite plan to begin with. And how can I forget how much I thought I was going to die the morning after. Haha! Good times.


  1. You bet! :)) I owe you, Jessee. >.<

  2. GLADEE! XD hahaha! I can still remember vividly things you did that cracks me up BIG TIME! :))

  3. Oh my goodness! We need to talk about it. Haha. I barely remember everything. Yikes! >.<

  4. Good thing I have a sharp memory on things like these. XD