Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some lazy Monday afternoon

In rare occasions such as this, I ask my father for advices about things I don't normally ask him for. Things like love and relationship for instance. And his answers surely amuse me to no end. It's like he's just stating the obvious but sometimes people need to be reminded of the obvious to get some sense out of them. Like when the answer to your problem is standing right in front of your eyes, you don't really need to search high and low; we get by with just a little snap back to reality.

Right. So I ever-so-casually opened up the conversation with this (just to break the monotony of life): "Pa, may gusto ako sa classroom namin," We were eating lunch alone together that time and had food stuffed in him so I went on saying, "Ano ba gagawin ko para mapansin niya ako?" in between trying hard not to laugh and to vomit on how cheesy it sounded compare to how I said in it my head.

"Wag ka magpapansin." he answered.
"Ha, eh pano kung gusto nga mapansin,"
"Kaibiganin mo muna," he said.
"Kaibigan ko na nga, o tapos?"
"Edi liligawan ka na," he joked and we both broke into laughter.

If only those things come in that easy. XD

He then proceed on telling me about parent-y stuff like 'wag munang mag-aasawa! and how he promised himself that he'd marry at the age of 33 but ended up marrying mun at 29. He said that all he prayed for was to find someone who will love you no matter what; despite who you are and who you'll be. "Nasagot ba naman ba prayers niyo?" I asked. He laughed and said, "Mama mo," then silence. Then, "Dapat isama mo ang Diyos sa lahat ng plano mo sa buhay." I nodded, "Ipagdadasal ko na din yan kung ganon." My parents are celebrating their 27th anniversary today. :)


  1. one big question first: SINOOOOOO??? :))

    happy anniversary to your parents! and you're right, sana ganun lang kadali ang lahat. :P

    miss you jeka (and shadow).. haha. wala ako makakwentuhan dito about photography stuffs and they thought i was a dork having this Kiss 5 camera. LOL.

  2. Kilala mo na. And please let's keep it to ourselves. I have no intention of letting the buong madlang people to know. HAHHAHHAH! Thanks PJ, I had fun talking with you kanina. Kilegzzz. XD

  3. haha. thanks for trusting me. :)) the worst about me is my habit of guessing first, then I'm always right. :P haha. i know what you mean, it's just plain embarrassing if the whole world knows. it happened to me a lot of times na. :D

    i had fun din and i hope paguwi ko jan sa manila, we'll have more kwento. :D

  4. Hmm.. Sino nga kaya yun? Lol. :))