Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Take notice, please.

lights out

I came across this challenge on the web and since we are now counting down the days before the year finally reaches its end, I thought I'd try it. Might not able to do it all but hey, it's a good way to think of what picture I have to upload it with. Come join me blog friends! :)

December 8 Moment of peace.


  1. the photos on your blog are all so exquisite. and this challenge is very interesting. i might try it too!

  2. That photo is just LOVE...
    oh ive stumbled upon tha challenge as well.. >__> guess what i havent even tried any day yet.. T___T

  3. Thank you guys! The challenge is really fun, it doesn't necessarily say you have to do everything but it makes this year worth remembering. :)

  4. ive seen you thrice in different days btw. Somewhere in ATC, Southmall and Powerbooks ATC. Haha!

    You look busy and always looking for something so I kinda felt shy to approach or even just smile at you..

  5. LOL! Di kita nakita, dapat inapproach mo ko. :P Next time! :)