Saturday, January 02, 2010

I spend the night losing sleep.


L-R: Ruth, Glad, Jem, Me, Pau, Hanna

I spent the last hours of 2009 at home with my family. I have to say it was surprisingly better than the Christmas Eve which was, blah but yey that was good enough for a rough start. Right on, 2010!

I also had the chance to finally watch Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist which was great by the way, the kind of movie people my age would certainly like. Go watch it, go download it, go buy a fake dvd or whatever; before you get too old. Haha. But really, movies like that (e.g. Starter for 10, Stranger than Fiction and oh my gollywow I just finished watching Garden State again just seconds ago and it still got me. Gets me every time. And yeah, this might have been the longest inserted statement in a parenthesis), storyline such as those films feels so real like it could happen to you too, and the conversations could be the ones you might exchange with some one. And I like it, some may find this genre boring and all talk but hey, you listen you learn. And stories had been are a great way of learning about life without experiencing it, just like Neil Gaiman says.

So yeah, I have to meet my testcon groupmates early tomorrow and its 4:03 am now and I'm going to start Into The Wild. I just wanted to write out how good Garden State made me feel. Oh! Off I go!

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