Monday, January 04, 2010

Infinite Abyss


There must be something more to life than love and the idea of being together because all these talks about it give me head aches. I don't want to think about it anymore when there's so much else to think about instead. God, I was on the way home this evening, the FX I rode was cramped and I was tired and the radio were playing old love songs and I was there thinking to myself, fuck love. It's always fucking the same. Hahaha! Naiiba lang ng konti. Why don't we talk about life, about passion, excitement, out-of-body experience, freedom, poems, literature, and music. Ah. I need to feed my brains but school work will be occupying most of my time now.


  1. i think it's too early to dismiss love as being the same always. having one or two great loves of your life wouldn't account for all of the people that loves you and the people who you will love in the future.

    the thing is, i think that you perceive love that way because you react to love the same way you always did.

    here's a crazy idea; why don't you try to stir up something for a change? it might give you a hint of what you're missing. :D

  2. I see exactly what you mean, and I agree. Thanks, Towi. :D I'll keep that in mind.

  3. as i've reviewed what i've written, it didn't go as smoothly as i wanted it to be. in case you're wondering what i was aiming for, that was supposed to be something like look-around-and-see-the-overweight-dude-that-might-change-things. and of course i wasn't serious, but a small laugh turned out to be a serious lecture.

    sorry for that. lol. :D

  4. It's okay. I'd go for that serious lecture at a gunpoint anyway. Hahahah! kidding. :P

  5. nosebleed comments. :| haha.