Friday, January 29, 2010

We have yet to meet.

To my beloved, who
despite my irregularities,
thrive in awe
in me and all of my most beautiful ordinariness;
You who find ease
in my most profound silence
when I have lost
my ability to think coherently,
forgive me if I have not
even once,
succeeded in concealing my deepest flaws.
I am only asking
that you see through all these pretenses,
for when you triumphantly
wage against the battles
I've put up to enclose me
it will be like curtains slowly parting;
ice softly melting;
secrets quietly unfolding.

And dear beloved,
we have yet to meet.
And when we do,
we shall no longer be strangers,
only strangers to ourselves.


  1. Hi. My name is towi. Have we met before?


    Do you really want to meet someone else other than the one(s) that you have met already?


  2. HAHAHA! Clever. I don't know, I feel that there's still someone I haven't met yet that I have to.

  3. That's John Mayer.

    Yeah, I have to meet him too.