Friday, January 22, 2010

Tonight, we drink. Tomorrow could wait.

I thought I was already desensitized from my allergic reactions to alcohol but last night proved me wrong!

It was a spontaneously great way to end the hellish exam week. I was really expecting that we'd just hang out by the field but it turned out to be one helluva sleepover at Memo's. Its always good times over at Memo's. Haha! I didn't even bring a change of clothes because it almost didn't push through, and I went home with the night-before-uniform with the stench of smoke, shots, and the vibe of loud music.

It wasn't such a bad idea that we stopped by at Balay for a few drinks and awesome company of friends; light-headed as we walked out of the place, the trace of alcohol started kicking in. Marco was driving a bit recklessly through the traffic, but with the windows down and your head out to the cold air of January night, we couldn't care less.

We played Band Hero when we reached Memo's house. Alive and safe, very fortunately. I was getting the hang of playing the drums (not really, but I like to imagine) when Memo and Glad's 3 in 1 mix started making things hazy. All four of them, Jem and Paul included, was already on a drinking spree and Hanna, Mark and I were forced to catch up. And that we did, and soon enough we were either on the floor, on each other's shoulder, or on the next solid thing within reach.

The following day was super lazy! Lazy times infinity. We made a song, though--if you can consider a two stanza lyrics with a tune a song. And we also shared many things in life that is surely, surely, surely funnehhhhh. All revolving around our fondness of shrimps. What? XD


  1. SHRIMP?! WHAT?! HAHA! SUUUUUUPER FUN! LOL. That was really one HELLUVA sleepover. Hihi. Gooooo Team Yagit! haha!...and I'm soooo glad it happened. NO REGRETS. It was my choice to have fun. whahaha!

  2. Very Existential ah. :D How's your allergy? Haha!

  3. Towi's Bucket list:

    1. Drive a supercar
    2. Learn to drift
    3. Visit Japan
    4. Date a model

  4. It's getting better, actually. HAHA! Usually, after three days, medyo red pa rin. Pero when I woke up this morning, OMG! wala na! medyo makati na lang konti.

    OMG Towi! #5! It's a sight to see. LOL. Peace Jessee! :))

  5. LOL TOWI! HAHAHA! NOOOO! You wouldn't want that! :))

    Hannee: Amazing, konting training pa, madedesensitize ka na completely. Way to go! XD

  6. Spontaneity again! Wuhooo! xD

  7. OH YES PLEASE. Haha! :) Pero let's rest muna, give it some time, para mamiss naman natin yung feeling. Haha!

  8. i had other things in mind for my bucket list pero...

    dang, i would NOT miss out on #5.

    tara inom!