Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The First of February

shot glass
(Photo thanks to Ruth, Raf and Chowder)

How do I even begin!! Describing how the first day of February started. Four words: spontaneity at its best.

Of course, I feel bad that we had to go to Bulacan and visit the Villarica Mansion without our other friends, but the momentum was so intense that even a moment of hesitation might ruin everything. So over Styrofoam lunch at Jollibee, what began only as a joke to see if Raf would face up to the challenge of letting us into their humble abode and with Marco always saying YES to almost anything (not because he's gullible, he insisted; its only generosity), Ruth, Hanna and I and the two boys were on our way to Marilao before we knew it.

I'll save you from the boredom and the mushiness of what the rest of the day and how it all ended made me feel. Really, no one needs to know. Its what journals are for: when things get too personal or downright KESO. HAHAHA! And I'm spent, I'm about to proceed to slumber and dream that all of these are not make-believe.

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