Saturday, February 06, 2010

Surreal complexity

I learned a lot about relationships and life in general from listening to other people's stories. You may not have experienced it firsthand but placing yourself in their shoes to some extent is often (or rarely) similar to having been there yourself. And as much as I wanted to get away from problems of the heart, it won't stop hovering. It reveals itself in deep sighs and eyes that seem to say, "My thoughts are everywhere." From several late night conversations, I have concluded that these kind of problems are what we usually talk about because we know deep down that it already have a solution; its just a matter of whether we're going to do it or not. So I say, stop thinking too much.

I remember saying to Paige, out of desperation, that talking about this kind of problem makes my head hurt and seem pointless and she said that would I rather want to talk about school problems instead? Troubles in their family? Politics or how there are hundreds of accidents and people dying in different parts of the world as we speak? LOL. Okay let's have your guy problem instead.

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  1. "Okay let's have your guy problem instead." - LOL!!!