Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spontaneous Wandering of Mind

It was kind of disappointing to find out earlier today that there weren't any shops in the mall where I can process my films. I was looking forward to having it transferred to CD but to no avail, I have yet to wait until I go to Manila or if I happen to chance upon a Digiprint branch at our next nearest mall. Two more weeks. Darnx3.

There's this one thing I hate about using film: I take tons of pictures and then at the end of the day, how will it all turn out is all I ever get to think about. It really made studying hard; it really made anything that has to do with focusing and not getting distracted impossible. Just like when you're thinking about a person. That is why, the final exam turned out to be a major headache. The irony of it was, Jem and I were lecturing Meme about how hard it is not to study because guessing takes a lot of effort too; and yet, I didn't have a drop of motivation to study later that night. And hard it was, harder and more pointless than I expected. I've never been happier the moment I finished.

I wouldn't be happy though, for sure, once I see the results. Hehe.


  1. Girl!xD We all do not have any motivation...and though guessing is hard as well, it's the next best thing we have, besides cheating and actually studying. LOL!

    Excited na ko sa pictures mo! wag ka na tamarin please. :)

  2. I'm also VERY excited. Lalo na yung photo op natin dun sa may window. Haha! Grabe, at the same time nakaka-anxious din kasi baka puro sablay. :D

    Di kita naaabutang online!

  3. may digiprint sa ruins. lapit lang yun sa inyo diba?