Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty much just for my tentative convinience.

We are one week away from finishing junior year; come April and we'll have summer, and then OJT. Facing things I'm not prepared for yet.

Funny. Back when I was way way younger, I felt that getting into college, being where I am now, was something I'll never get the chance to be in. It felt light years away back then. Like what I'm feeling about getting old, getting married, seeing my grandchildren; it seems to me as if it'll be another lifetime altogether.

It's different when you're actually here now. Time has its own ways on screwing with your head like that.

I finished the latest season of LOST today and man, was I blown away. All those quantum physics and time-travel entirely got me side-tracked from studying. Time is interesting.

For the meantime, I'll leave you with something called "Perya". You'll see why our country is still beautiful despite its flaws.


  1. Time's a bitch.

    LOL. Joke lang Time. :))

    P.S. I super like Perya. NICE.

  2. HAHAHA! Exactly. XD

    Ganda ng Perya no, and to think DSLR lang gamit dyan. Amazing!

  3. the PERYA is soooo *speechless*..

    LOL. How come you're not studying? haha. nagsalita naman daw ako.

  4. Amazing no? Very colorful at ang quality, oh my. :D