Friday, March 12, 2010

Sana, wala na lang.

Ayoko nang magkagusto. It has given my state of mind more harm than benefits. I was well satisfied with my life when I'm feeling neutral. Kuntento na ako fantasizing with how my photos should look like; losing my head in books; I even had time watching covers in youtube and learning the songs with the guitar; but now, I've been bombarded with thoughts I shouldn't be thinking about. Corey(2009) was right when he said, "Equilibrium is disturbed by the emergence of a need, a sensation, or an interest."

Nakakatawa nga, I've come as far as meditating now para lang ma-clear yung head ko.

To Ruth, Hanna and Glad: I guess you have an idea where I'm coming from, at malamang tama kayo. I just can't get myself to talk kasi pati ako mismo nakokornihan. Parang, Jeca, ang korny ah, kamundane mundane na bagay binibig deal mo. Hehe.

This is just a phase. I'll get through this just as I did in the past. Hehe. Chos.

I learned something new when I read the chapter for Reality Therapy. It'll be another story.


  1. may mga bagay na kapag lalo mong pinigilan, lalong lumalala. sana wala na lang, pero lalo nagkakaroon.

  2. tama naman si PJ dun eh. Napag-usapan nga namin ni Athina once, na mas maganda kung sinasabi mo kung ano yan kesa tinatago mo. Kasi pag tinago mo, pwede mag-grow...chever 2. Basta. Pero pag nilabas mo, kasi nagkakaform, pag nilabas mo, it's out there. Andun na. What's more to it diba? So there's a possibility that it would just stop, diminish, vanish, or evaporate. Whatever. Mas maganda nga lang nung pinag-usapan namin ni Athina. Kaso, di ko na maalala exact words, basta yan yung thought...

    Girl, okay lang naman maging korny eh. No matter how mundane it is, okay lang yun. What is mundane anyway?

    Sabi sa

    of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly: mundane affairs.
    common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative.
    of or pertaining to the world, universe, or earth.

    worldly? pertaining to the world or earth? at nasan tayo ngayon? diba nasa earth?

  3. Of course, it feels great to be able to talk about it. Parang nung nag-open up ako sayo about Shrimp. :D What I meant with mundane is common, cliché, dumb, corny. I'm sure we'll be able to have THE conversation we need in time.

  4. bigyan mo naman ng konting credit yung lovelife mo, jeca.

    kung wala kang lovelife, walang highlight ang maghapon mo. wala kang iniisip bago ka matulog. wala kang naaalala pag nakikinig ka sa playlist mo.

    hindi ka kikiligin, hindi ka gaganahang pumasok, hindi ka magkakaron ng taong iniisip kapag nagddaydream ka sa byahe papuntang school.

    okay din naman palang magkaron ng kras no?
    minsan nga lang, hindi ka mapansin, kasi ayaw mong mapansin ka.

  5. Ayaw kong mapansin ako? Anong ibig sabihin nun? Oo, masaya nga pero...Ah, basta, pagusapan na lang natin to in private. Hehe. Salamat Towi.

  6. buti pa si Towi, nasasabihan mo. Samantalang ako, I don't even know half of the problem...

    Eh ano ngayon kung common yun? Can't it be a big deal? Divorce is so common nowadays, but it's still something..How can your problem be any different?

  7. Aw. Why do I feel like I'm being attacked here. Like my words are taken against me. Hehe. Di, seryoso na. I'll tell you what you ought to know. What do you want to know, hannee?

  8. LOL. No one's attacking you. Do you feel like I'm attacking you? I'm simply trying to get certain things out of your system. Plus, I won't force you to say anything. I want you to say what you feel, when you feel like saying it. Love you, girl.