Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rant Attack


Before I've uploaded my photos online or long before I let anyone else see them, I study each picture and find flaws enough to make me hate them. I self-criticize and its something that eventually turned into a habit. I'm never satisfied; there's always something missing, the photos always seem to be incomplete or they're just an utter failure. I know for a fact that I've not captured my best one yet and everything else needs more improvement but I don't get why my sister has to rub it in to my face each time. I feel bad as it is.

She says the pictures are crappy and that "feeling ko lang maganda" and that I'm just wasting my money. I often ask myself, why am I even affected? Even if she merely meant it as a joke or that I never should have taken it all too seriously, its just not funny.

Film photography, you are both fascinating and frustrating. A lot like life.


  1. Girl, wag ka mafrustrate kay Mitch B. It's just that the big brother/sister's job in life is to annoy their younger siblings. Don't take it personally. LOL

  2. Hehe. I know. Thank you. :)