Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back on track

I was recently inspired by the blog entry I read here. It just so happened that I finally got my films processed and the result was way better than the last ones I had. You see, some people (or that certain person) may say that what I do is very impractical and a waste of money/time in a long run, but what it does to me is equivalent to those who spend all their cash on cars and fancy restaurants--its a luxury, but a luxury worth spending money on. Because it makes you feel good.

My brother pays considerable amount of money to Blizzard so he can play WoW; he could've had it safe in a bank for his future. My sister buys DVD copies of TV series that goes up to 5 seasons and these pile up, collecting dusts under the TV after she's done with it; but she does anyway. You see, it could be anything.

Shooting film had done such great things in my life. When I hold Shadow, I'm like programmed to see beautiful things. The waiting process molded me to become more patient. The results, although not entirely satisfying, gave all the more reason to shoot again. And again. And again.

As written on the blog entry, may I quote what Klosterman said: “It never matters what you like; what matters is why you like it.” And what it does to you.


  1. It's good that you're back on track! Haha! Oooooo! Klosterman's the author of "Eating the Dinosaur," If we're talking about the same Klosterman. LOL. Way to go Girl!

  2. I read the entry that inspired you, we are talking about the same Klosterman! Haha!

  3. NO WAY! That's amazing. You should definitely get the book. ASAP! :D