Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's keeping me at peace these days...


So I've started reading Jane Eyre last month and up until now I'm still just about halfway down to its end. But you know what, I'm actually taking my time reading this novel. I even feel sad that the book is thinning fast to its last chapters. I'm so into it sometimes that my emotions have been up and down and around it I even forget to breathe. Not to sound exaggerated or anything but really, I need to inhale/exhale ever-so-deeply several times at the end of long paragraphs and realize I have been holding my breath.

How the words are said, the way the emotions are expressed, the pace of the story--it all sends me all sorts of feelings. One time I'm in love, the next thing I'm outraged. I kind of see myself in Jane Eyre for some reasons. Haha! I now know why Ma'am Rox said the book is somewhat a very example of true love. Yikes pero true.


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  2. jane eyre? nice read! kay paige ba yung binabasa mo? haha. XD

    at patulong naman sa mga editing shiz. tenkyu phf0e.