Friday, June 18, 2010

On Requiem For A Dream

It was a good advice from my previous OJT supervisor to watch this film entitled Requiem For A Dream and not know a thing about it because having seen it last night, around 3ish in the morning rather, it almost fucked with my head.

In the first few minutes of the movie, I was surprised by how "old school" the setting was. By this I meant it was shot around year 1990s and guessing by the fashion and the film quality, it was not recent or trying to be (I Googled just now and the movie was released in 2000, what the heck). So anyway, on with story.

The plot is basically about the lives of the 4 main characters and how they got addicted to drugs. And add to that, how they all went to hell for it. This, my friends, what makes it timeless (in my opinion). People will relate to it in years to come. What made it more striking for me was the acting; Ellen Burstyn who played the character Sara Goldfarb did righteous justice to her portrayal that by the end of the movie, her emotions/acting were thisclose in contaminating mine.

I particularly love the last few minutes of the movie. Its worth-watching; performance-wise, plot-wise, overall editing.

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