Monday, July 26, 2010


School has been taking most of my time these past few days; requirements are starting to pile itself up as my schedule begins to get filled with thesis, practice, quiz, practicum, and all those bad words. Last weekend though, my friends and I went to Quiapo for a little trip down that crazy part of Manila.

Quiapo never fails to amaze/frustrate me. Its one of those places where life speeds up faster than normal and the crowd walk past you from all direction that for a moment you decide to stop, the one behind you merely pause and then continues--as if nothing happened. A lot like life if you think about it, you crash and crumble and the world won't stop for anybody. It won't even notice.

Here's a minute (and then some seconds) of the place through my glass eyes. Lol.


  1. Amazing! All the elements of the film: subject/actor, music, blah, blah. Amazing!

  2. Thank you! Its a bit pixelated though, don't you think?