Friday, July 09, 2010

Run, run , run.

It amazing how certain songs can do better jobs at describing and transforming your feelings into words. When I feel angsty and rebellious I nod along with Tegan and Sara's Hell. Or when I'm angry I sing aloud to Motion City Soundtrack's When You're Around. Especially to the part where the vocalist sings 'And I can't fucking stand it, when you're around!!!'

Sometimes I feel for the song because I have someone I know who can relate to it. MCS's Feel Like Rain for example, with the line that goes: 'We love that game, but we never play 'cause we will lose and we want to stay the way we are, the way we've been for far too long.' When I'm happy, I listen to Noah and The Whale's Blue Skies and feel hopeful: 'Its time to leave those feelings skies are coming but I know that its hard'.

But mostly, Copeland's Chin Up sums up what I am recently. The song can be interpreted in many million ways yet somehow, I connect to it. Copeland make most people sleepy but it's one of those bands who writes songs from experience, with a whole lot of heart. 'Sing with your head up, with your eyes closed....because you love to sing!'


  1. How true!! But while music can magnify how you feel at the time,it can also change it. Hello Jecs!!!

  2. Well said tita Jing! Music definitely has a lot of influence in one's life.