Saturday, July 10, 2010

Talk to me naman kahit minsan.

Grabe na ito, I can't contain this feeling, these thoughts that's bothering me. Posible pala yun, na you're suppressing when you badly want to express? I'm not even sure if I have to write it down like this knowing that it can be read by the public but I cannot just keep it in private. Kasi, I have my reasons. And one of it is to connect, to reach into that granite head of yours.

Not taking sides, just expressing.

First, I don't get why some people take things seriously to the point of holding grudges against another. And for what reason? Love. Eto nanaman tayo, that word. That word! I may not see the big picture and seem oblivious to the what is really going on but man, based on what is laid in front of me, you are basically turning truce into battle for your love? I don't friggin' get it.

Second, this love of yours, you already have it, its already yours; after all these years you got what you wanted. Avril Lavigne is singing in my head "Why do you always have to make things so complicated???" she won't stop unless she gets answers. You are making the both of us frustrated.

Lastly, do you ever wonder if its all just in your head? That you are really the problem? That what you see is some distorted view of what you want to see and NOT what it really is? Illusion versus reality. The thoughts in your head versus what's really happening. Remember, whatever the brain looks for, it will find. You keep looking for faults, you keep looking for flaws, for crap, for things to get angry at, you know what, YOU WILL GET IT.


  1. this is what you call raw emotions.
    i mean, you okay? -pj

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  3. Hey, you okay? What's up?